Kidney Healthy Recipes is dedicated to all kidney warriors fighting to protect their kidney function, surviving on dialysis or living with a transplanted kidney. Here you will find kidney friendly recipes that are low in sodium and contain protein in controlled amounts. You will also find articles with the latest recommendations from professional dieticians on kidney diet. (Articles coming soon!)

Marc-André Vachon

The kidney healthy recipes kitchen

Control what you eat

The major part of the fight is to know what you eat. That’s why you can find a nutritional fact label on every recipes. That way, you can understand the nutritional properties of the recipes you make.

However, keep in mind that these values are simply guidelines. The real value can and will differ from these according to the ingredients you use. On Kidney Healthy Recipes, you can use the filters to search by specific diets, type of courses and keywords on the recipes page.

A serving of an apple and cranberry crumble.
A freshly baked apple and cranberry crumble.

Knowledge is power

Your professional healthcare team is there to help you on your journey fighting at your side. But you are the principal responsible for your health. It’s your actions and your choices that will make the difference. Even with all the external help you can get, you are the principal contributor to your health so in the end, the more you know, the more you can help yourself going trough this challenge.

Food being one of the most important factor of your well being, you will find resources to help you have a tasty and kidney friendly daily life.

A pile of magazines about kidney diet recommendations.

“Each patient carries his own doctor inside him.”

Norman Cousins